About Us

We used to be just like you (probably) – enthusiastic about good quality audio.  Fortunately, we still have the bug and that’s what  caused Ian and I to turn a hobby into a “sort-of” business.  Sort-of because we were both still working full time and the idea was we’d get a few nice (read expensive) pieces around us and, if we got the occasional sale, that would be nice too.

Then we started to get sales!

A website was born (fortunately, Ian is a web designer so that was cheap!) and, between us we turned into a proper business, though still nothing like we are today.  We were exchanging emails and sneaking calls in dinner breaks to try to deal with enquiries we’d received, whilst still managing to keep from getting caught at our jobs (and probably sacked).

The plan would have been to tick along nicely until we could switch over to the business fully but then Darren was made redundant (slightly worrying but a woo-hoo moment just the same) and went full time into the business.  Thanks to our loyal customers, Darren’s still not had to go out and get a “real job”.  Ha ha!

Our business has changed dramatically from when we first began and that has been down to two things.   Our customers have driven what we have come to stock and those behind us (suppliers, distributors, manufacturers) have determined if we continue to stock it and recommend it to new as well as returning customers.

So that’s a little about our history.  We’ve survived the recent economic downturn with a business selling luxury goods so we fully expect to be here for a long time.  We hope you continue to stick with us too.


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