iFi Audio Special – Amazing New Brand!

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After a long wait, we are now the first UK retailers to be in possession of the newest, blingyest (is that a word?) hi-fi components from iFi Audio – the iDAC, iCAN, iPHONO and iUSB Power.  Looking fantastic too in their Apple-esque packaging, top notch.

Just arrived yesterday but already we’ve had them out for a play.  Couldn’t wait, you see.

The iCAN headphone amplifier is driving our 600ohm Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla as we speak and, even without any running in, sounds awesome.  Wait till the thing warms up! No problem driving those headphones, nor HiFiMan HE400.

iFiAudio iCan Headphone Amp

Now to 2 big surprises.

The iDAC USB DAC at £275 is INSTANTLY making mincemeat of one dac in particular that we have here that is 3x the price.  Suddenly all this amazing “space” appeared where there would normally be mush.  Wow, amazing at this price, especially as it has a 3.5mm headphone jack so the laptop user can plug headphones in directly, if required and that’s all that’s needed.

iFiAudio iDAC

But, wait. Don’t do that yet.

What’s this iUSB Power Supply for?… OMG (as you kids are saying these days), plug that in along with the iDAC and the combination (total of just £450 for BOTH items) and the results take you onto a completely different plane.  All that you had before is still there, just more and MORE of it.  Where did all that bass come from all of a sudden? Why can’t I stop my toes tapping.

iFi Audio iUSB Power Supply

iPHONO is left but we’re exhausted today.


All these are now on initial stock and can be ordered for delivery prior to Xmas if you are quick.  Just to reiterate, we are more than slightly enthusiastic about the success of these products.  Before you spend two or three times the amount on a product you’ve heard of before, try these.  Buy any/all of these wonderful products exclusively here


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