August 2011 Newsletter – Summer Sale!

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Audio Elevation Summer Sale 2011!

We think this is a “first” in Audio Elevation history – a sale! What you’ll find below is a small collection of kit that we’ve amassed that we’re now able to release at special prices. Remember, this information is coming to you first as you’re signed up to our Newsletters so be quick before this information goes on the website, our blog and Facebook!

CD Players/DACs

Shanling CD2000 – Excellent condition, boxed, remote etc. Very competent performer. £595 (£895 rrp.)

Plinius CD101 – top player, remote control, very controlled and detailed sound. Exc. cond. and just back from being updated at Plinius UK. Bargain at £2695 (£4100 rrp)

Stello CDT100 Transport AND multi input DA100 Signature DAC. Again, top condition mid-sized units, be different to the crowd with these great performers. Boxed/instructions etc. Package price £1095 (£1500 rrp).

Firestone Spitfire MkI DAC – These were £250 but then the MkII (with usb) came out. If you can do without USB, get the MkI and save £s. Limited stocks, all brand new and boxed. Were £199, now £179.


Creek OBH21 Headphone Amplifier (trade in). Owned by a good customer of ours who traded up from this, an excellent starting point. Box etc included, super condition. Just £125 (£245 rrp).

Tom Evans Vibe pre-amp – oh baby! This is our dem and can be upgraded with the Pulse 2 power supply when you have a spare two grand lying around! Exc. cond. One of the best pre amps you can buy and Tom is a great guy too. Only £2495 (£3000 rrp).

Rothwell Auriga Pre-amp – argh not this too!? Yes, this is Andrew Rothwell’s fine valve preamplifier. Really well made and sounds magical. You can’t believe how good this is. Top cond. Yours for £1150 (£1400 rrp).


Firestone Libby DAC and Headphone Amplifier – multi spec dac and head amp. Brand new and boxed. £499 (£595 rrp).

Firestone Rubby DAC and Integrated Amplifier – dac and 44w p/channel integrated amp. Minimal use by us only. Use either digital inputs or single analogue input for use with hi-fi or digital/computer sources. £599 (£720 rrp).


Gershman X Cube – you’ve seen these mentioned by us before. Big speakers but, if you have a big room and a big amp…ooh. Few minor dings but you’ll not be able to see them when they have you pinned to the wall…£1995 (£4700 rrp).

Monopulse Model 42A – these do bags of bass, bags of detail, bags of everything but all the time it’s like they’re not even trying. Great performers. In grey cloth with optional outer steels. These are the lower power version of the flagship A model at £3445! You’ll not get even close to the sound at just £1795 (£2495 rrp).


SRM Arezzo Basic turntable – our dem, immac. cond. Includes Moth MkI (OEM Rega RB251) arm and a well used AT95E cartridge. Can be upgraded to Kinetic or Ultra levels later. Just £599 (£850 rrp).

SRM Arezzo Ultra turntable – our dem, immac. cond. Only used by us. Includes Moth MkIII (OEM Rega RB301) tonearm – just add your cartridge. Ultra model has lid and isolation platform included. Yours for £1450 (£1900 rrp).

Townshend Rock 7 with trough. Includes Incognito rewired Moth MKIII (OEM Rega RB301) and Benz Micro Gold MC cartridge. Bass and detail retrieval fantastic as a result of the clever design. £1950 (£2400 rrp).


Benz Micro Gold Low Output MC – brand new and boxed. £199 (£265 rrp).

Benz Micro Silver High Output MC – brand new and boxed £199 (£265 rrp).

Benz Micro Ace L S Low Output MC – brand new and boxed – £475 (£575 rrp).


0800 035 1620

All prices include free UK shipping so the price you see above is the price you pay. First come, first served. To secure, call us FREE on 0800 035 1620.

Call FREE on 0800 035 1620 to discuss these or any other requirements.


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