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September 2011 Newsletter – Hi-Fi Racks, WBT Connectors, iBasso.

Audio Elevation September 2011 Newsletter

Time for another newsletter it seems and, now the kids have gone back to school and the nights are drawing in, we head towards the Xmas rush. Let’s hope there is one this year!

Here’s the latest news for you early Xmas shoppers…

Hi-Fi Racks – new range of furniture

Hi-Fi Racks Podium Reference Hifi Support Rack Solid oak racks that are things of beauty, whilst also being good for the sound of your system. We’ve taken on the Hi-Fi Racks brand recently and there is a range of products and some nice pictures to give you an idea of what you’re getting. This is a family business and it’s all Made In England. You don’t hear that too often so let’s support small manufacturing and get ourselves a perfect hi-fi rack that even the other half will love. Made to your order and, if you have bespoke requirements, these guys are only too happy to help. Usually shipped to your door within 3/4 weeks, get your orders in now to have these in your lounge before Xmas.

Range can be seen here… Hi-fi Racks

WBT Connectors

WBT 0152 Cu Topline Nextgen RCA Phono ConnectorsYou may not know that we are an agent in the UK for the huge range of WBT connectors available. These are very highly regarded, high quality components that can make a difference to your system. Too many to carry but the entire catalogue is available to order so check out our products pages for a few of them and contact us if you need any more information, prices etc. WBT Connectors

iBasso Clearout

We have a mixed bag of the excellent iBasso products that, in very limited numbers, are now available at a discount to clear. All prices include FREE UK shipping.

CB07 lead T3 Alps headphone amp D4 DAC and headphone amp D10 DAC and headphone amp
8x CB07 lead – short lead to connect ipod from dock to 3.5mm input (eg headphone amp) £26.95 rrp, yours for £19 each. 1x T3 Alps headphone amp £119 rrp, yours for £79 1x D4 DAC and headphone amp £225 rrp, yours for £165 2x D10 DAC and headphone amp (top of range). £264 rrp, yours for £199 each.


Usher BE718 Tiny Dancer standmount speakers

Speakers – Usher Audio Demonstrators

We have for sale our dem pair of Usher BE718 Tiny Dancer standmount speakers. Amazing speakers, as the reviews will tell you. These are not shrinking violets and give you the music up-front, really putting the musicians in the room with you. These retail at £1599. Our delightful white pair with the rosewood side cheeks can be had for just £1199, including FREE UK shipping.

Graham Slee Sale Items

We have the following available at discount prices

Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier Novo Headphone Amplifier
Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier – customer return, not even run in. rrp £188, yours for £150. Novo Headphone Amplifier – opened box only, never used. rrp £250, yours for £220.

First come, first served on these offers, which are not available for purchase on our website so call now.

That’s all until next time. As usual, if you need anything, get in touch and we’ll try our best to help.

0800 035 1620

All prices include free UK shipping so the price you see above is the price you pay. First come, first served. To secure, call us FREE on 0800 035 1620.

Call FREE on 0800 035 1620 to discuss these or any other requirements.


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August 2011 Newsletter – Summer Sale!

Audio Elevation Summer Sale 2011!

We think this is a “first” in Audio Elevation history – a sale! What you’ll find below is a small collection of kit that we’ve amassed that we’re now able to release at special prices. Remember, this information is coming to you first as you’re signed up to our Newsletters so be quick before this information goes on the website, our blog and Facebook!

CD Players/DACs

Shanling CD2000 – Excellent condition, boxed, remote etc. Very competent performer. £595 (£895 rrp.)

Plinius CD101 – top player, remote control, very controlled and detailed sound. Exc. cond. and just back from being updated at Plinius UK. Bargain at £2695 (£4100 rrp)

Stello CDT100 Transport AND multi input DA100 Signature DAC. Again, top condition mid-sized units, be different to the crowd with these great performers. Boxed/instructions etc. Package price £1095 (£1500 rrp).

Firestone Spitfire MkI DAC – These were £250 but then the MkII (with usb) came out. If you can do without USB, get the MkI and save £s. Limited stocks, all brand new and boxed. Were £199, now £179.


Creek OBH21 Headphone Amplifier (trade in). Owned by a good customer of ours who traded up from this, an excellent starting point. Box etc included, super condition. Just £125 (£245 rrp).

Tom Evans Vibe pre-amp – oh baby! This is our dem and can be upgraded with the Pulse 2 power supply when you have a spare two grand lying around! Exc. cond. One of the best pre amps you can buy and Tom is a great guy too. Only £2495 (£3000 rrp).

Rothwell Auriga Pre-amp – argh not this too!? Yes, this is Andrew Rothwell’s fine valve preamplifier. Really well made and sounds magical. You can’t believe how good this is. Top cond. Yours for £1150 (£1400 rrp).


Firestone Libby DAC and Headphone Amplifier – multi spec dac and head amp. Brand new and boxed. £499 (£595 rrp).

Firestone Rubby DAC and Integrated Amplifier – dac and 44w p/channel integrated amp. Minimal use by us only. Use either digital inputs or single analogue input for use with hi-fi or digital/computer sources. £599 (£720 rrp).


Gershman X Cube – you’ve seen these mentioned by us before. Big speakers but, if you have a big room and a big amp…ooh. Few minor dings but you’ll not be able to see them when they have you pinned to the wall…£1995 (£4700 rrp).

Monopulse Model 42A – these do bags of bass, bags of detail, bags of everything but all the time it’s like they’re not even trying. Great performers. In grey cloth with optional outer steels. These are the lower power version of the flagship A model at £3445! You’ll not get even close to the sound at just £1795 (£2495 rrp).


SRM Arezzo Basic turntable – our dem, immac. cond. Includes Moth MkI (OEM Rega RB251) arm and a well used AT95E cartridge. Can be upgraded to Kinetic or Ultra levels later. Just £599 (£850 rrp).

SRM Arezzo Ultra turntable – our dem, immac. cond. Only used by us. Includes Moth MkIII (OEM Rega RB301) tonearm – just add your cartridge. Ultra model has lid and isolation platform included. Yours for £1450 (£1900 rrp).

Townshend Rock 7 with trough. Includes Incognito rewired Moth MKIII (OEM Rega RB301) and Benz Micro Gold MC cartridge. Bass and detail retrieval fantastic as a result of the clever design. £1950 (£2400 rrp).


Benz Micro Gold Low Output MC – brand new and boxed. £199 (£265 rrp).

Benz Micro Silver High Output MC – brand new and boxed £199 (£265 rrp).

Benz Micro Ace L S Low Output MC – brand new and boxed – £475 (£575 rrp).


0800 035 1620

All prices include free UK shipping so the price you see above is the price you pay. First come, first served. To secure, call us FREE on 0800 035 1620.

Call FREE on 0800 035 1620 to discuss these or any other requirements.

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July 2011 Newsletter – Icon Audio, Fidelity Audio

Audio Elevation Newsletter July 2011.

OK, you’ve noticed that we missed June’s newsletter by now so we’ll not dwell on the fact that we simply forgot to do one last month and move swiftly onto this month’s news….


This is a brand we’ve wanted for a long time. What’s made it sweeter in the end is that Icon actually approached us and asked us to represent them in Yorkshire. They obviously saw that we aligned with them very well and we jumped at the chance to get onboard.

We hope to build up dem stock over time but have just taken delivery of the first units.

MP3 Mini Valve Amplifier…£399.

Geneva Sound SystemsSET valve amp with just 5w per channel but don’t be fooled. I have them driving Monopulse A (£3445) floorstanders and they fill my 13×17 foot room here with music with the volume at 12 o’clock position.

Even though I’m still running this in, it doesn’t take much critical listening of your favoured CDs/records to know this is an outstanding hi-fi product. We previously liked the Fatman hybrid valve amp (Carbon Edition), which is in the same price range, for it’s warm valve sound but this is a different class. Fit, finish, build quality etc are all in a different league to the Fatmen (and remember we DO like the Fatman!). RCA input for CD etc plus a 3.5mm mp3 player input mean you have the flexibility and switchable headphone/speaker output gives you access to an excellent headphone amplifier with 6.3mm jack socket on the front panel. Love it.

HP8 MkII Headphone Amplifier…£499.

Geneva Sound SystemsThis is the other product that we’ve actually got our hands on, although the box is not open yet. Single Ended Triode design with class A output so we expect lovely valve sound and enough drive to match with any/all headphone designs. This is very much “anti” the other designs that we know well out there from Graham Slee, Heed, Lehmann etc and we have high hopes that it will offer sound quality that you’ll want to sit and listen to for a long time without fatigue.

Icon products are finished to order so, if you purchase from the website, note there will be a short delay before we can deliver. Worth the wait, though.

View the Icon products here….

0800 035 1620



Geneva Sound SystemsFed up of the poor quality switched mode power supply (SM-PS) that came as standard with your audio equipment? Upgrade now with fantastic regulated linear power supplies from Fidelity Audio – usually shipped within a few days of order.

Available now for

  • Arcam Dac PSU
  • Beresford Dac PSUs
  • Cambridge Audio PSUs
  • Graham Slee PSUs
  • M2Tech PSU
  • Musical Fidelity V-DAC PSUs
  • Musical Fidelity X Series PSUs
  • Lumagen Radiance PSUs
  • Onkyo ND-S1 PSUs
  • Squeezebox PSUs
  • Technics 1210 MKII PSU

Price examples – Dacmagic £185, Squeezebox £245.

Power Supply Upgrades can be found here

If your model is not listed at present, just give us a ring and we’ll take your order by phone.

0800 035 1620


OK, that’s another newsletter done and hopefully something of interest to whet your appetite and loosen the grip on your wallet! As usual, visit the website, have a browse, email/call if you need anything.

Call FREE on 0800 035 1620 to discuss these or any other requirements.

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May 2011 Newsletter – Creek, Epos, Custom Design and Geneva Sound Systems

Creek and Epos Specials – blink and you’ll miss them…

We have a very limited number of Creek items that we’ll let you have for a fraction of their list price but this is only available to our Newsletter subscribers and their family/friends. These items won’t be visible on our website, ebay etc. See below:-

Creek Destiny 2 Amplifier in Black rrp £1595 – offer price £1295.
Creek Destiny 2 CD Player in Black rrp £1395 – offer price £1195.

Creek Evo 2 Amplifier in Silver rrp £665 – offer price £495.
Creek Evo 2 CD Player in Silver rrp £665 – offer price £495.

Creek 5350 Amplifier in Silver rrp £1075 – offer price £895.

Epos M16i floorstanders in Red Cherry rrp £975 – offer price £695.
Epos AVS5.1 AV Speakers in “Piano” Black Gloss (4 satellites, centre, sub) rrp £995 – offer price £695.

All items are brand new, boxed etc and the price includes UK shipping. All are current models, except AVS5.1 which has now been discontinued.

Please call to check availability, whilst firmly holding your credit card in the other hand!

0800 035 1620


Custom Design FS104 Signature Speaker StandsCustom Design FS104 Signature Speaker Stands.

These are top notch stands in black with brushed chrome uprights. We were putting an order together for a customer who changed his mind so we had the stands delivered here anyway. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Partington stands, these are it. Brand new, boxed. Usual rrp £229. Yours for £189 inc. UK shipping. One pair only – call now (not available online). Ready to ship/collect.

0800 035 1620


Geneva Sound Systems

A new brand for us, though a brand we’ve had in our sights for some time now. It definitely fits the bill for Audio Elevation as we do like to be a bit different from the masses, if possible. This is lifestyle hi-fi at its best. Who wouldn’t want these systems in their home? We think everyone will, as do the UK arm of Geneva, who are placing it in such outlets as The Conran Shop and our very own Audio Elevation. Nice.

Geneva Sound SystemsModel range is simple – S, M, L, XL and XXL models – just like buying a shirt – just pick your size and off you go to the checkout.

Remember, these are all in one systems so include CD (where specified), ipod/iphone dock, amplifier, FM radio, speakers. Just one mains wire so no spaghetti out the back. Got another source (mp3 player, sky box etc)? That’s ok as there are additional inputs (3.5mm on all but also RCA on larger models) to cater for those too.

Fit and finish is superb, with gloss finishes, real woods, hand crafted manufacture all included as standard.

Prices from £299 to £2499.

View Geneva Sound Systems here


That’s all for this time. Enjoy your system, whatever it is and, if we can help take it to the next level, just let us know.

Call FREE on 0800 035 1620 to discuss these or any other requirements.

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April 2011 Newsletter – Pro-ject, Audioquest.

Spring is sprung it seems and we have more deals and special offers this month so sit back, relax, make sure the boss isn’t looking over your shoulder and read on…

Pro-ject Box Design Package Deals.

Pro-ject is a master of the small box, big sound idea so here are 3 systems (including interconnect and speaker wire) to tempt you by their simple effectiveness and the savings you’re making over the cost of the individual items by buying as a package.

Pro-ject Box Design Package 1Box Design Package 1 (all in one ipod system – just add ipod, iphone or ipad) – £599

Dock Box Vi, Amp Box stereo power amplifier, Speaker Box 4 speakers, interconnect and 2x 3m speaker cable.




Pro-ject Box Design Package 3Box Design Package 3 (all in one ipod/FM tuner system – just add ipod, iphone or ipad) – £699

Dock Box Fi, Receiver Box (with FM tuner), Speaker Box 5, interconnect and 2x 3m speaker cable.




Pro-ject Box Design Package 5Box Design Package 5 (all in one PC/Laptop system – just add PC/Laptop/other digital source) – £649

DAC Box USB, Amp Box and Speaker Box 5, interconnect and 2x 3m speaker cable. Note: You’ll need a coaxial, toslink or usb cable from computer to DAC Box USB in this package.



Audioquest Madness – 10% off during April 2011.

That’s right, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to knock 10% off all Audioquest purchases over £50 during April 2011. Remember, you already get free UK shipping so it just gets better. Top products and a massive range (includes HDMI cables, switchers etc. for your TV system as well as the usual audio cables). New system, time for an upgrade? All you have to do is spend more than £50 to save 10%! Custom lengths, terminations etc usually possible.

View Audioquest products here

Use Voucher Code AQ10April2011 at checkout to claim your discount online,
or call for a quote specific to your requirements and ask about your discount then.

That’s it for this time – don’t delay in getting in touch or you’ll miss out on the deals!

Call FREE on 0800 035 1620 to discuss these or any other requirements.

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