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February 2011 Newsletter – Firestone Audio, Quadral Loudspeakers and David Wiener Collection (DWC).

Firestone Rubby DAC/Integrated Amplifier

It seems we always have something nice to say about Firestone Audio and their latest Rubby DAC/Amp is a gem. Rubby (Ruby?) – Gem – geddit? Well, close enough.

It’s an upsampling/oversampling DAC with USB, optical and coaxial connections, linked to a 44W per channel class D amplifier All in one tidy cute case. No remote so you need to get up from the sofa once in a while. That’s the daily exercise class taken care of. All the Firestone equipment is small and this is roughly half-width of full size separates. We’re using it with the digital out from a CD player to good effect but it has the obvious use for those with computer audio desperate to listen in good quality.

The sound is quite airy and detailed, very likeable.

£685 is the price. Link to product details/pictures here

Order Now – direct from our website

Quadral Loudspeakers

Remember that name? Some of you will, we’re sure. Well, after a spell in the wilderness, they’re back in the UK with new distribution and Audio Elevation is the first to take them on.

View the Quadral Loudspeaker range here

Starting under £100 and covering many price points, the brand offers pure stereo speakers, together with AV packages, so these should find a wide audience. Nothing wrong with the way they look and, although we’ve not had them in yet, the sound promises a lot too. This could become a mainstream brand if all goes well so remember who told you about it first!

David Wiener Collection (DWC)

Well, we’ve saved the best until last and we’re not talking about the guy’s name!

DWC were commissioned by no less than Ferrari (yes, that Ferrari) to produce a pair of loudspeakers worthy of the famous Italian marque and, if you see the pictures of them, you’ll see how they managed to achieve that.

However, they also produce products that us mere mortals can consider. All qualify as hi-fi jewellery before you even switch them on. There’s the DWC Art.Station, Art.Suono, Art.Studio+ and Art.Solista, details of which can be found below

View the David Wiener Collection (DWC) here

Not much room here for explanation so have a browse and make your own mind up. Carbon fibre, aluminium, red “start” buttons like on a racing car…mmm….we like….

The reason for bringing these to your attention now is that they are being sold by us alone in the UK in VERY LIMITED NUMBERS. So, if you want to be different to everyone else you know, step forward with your curser hovering over the “Add to basket” button and we’ll do what we can to make sure you are one of the exclusive few.

That’s all for this month. As usual, thanks for your support and, any questions, please ask.

Call FREE on 0800 035 1620 to discuss this or any other requirements.

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