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January 2011 Newsletter, feat. Olive 3HD, Roth Audio and VAT News.

Happy New Year to all and thank you for your support in 2010!

VAT Increase

As if you haven’t heard already, VAT went up to 20% on 4th Jan 2011. Our response? Well, so far, nothing. We’ve kept 2010 prices and will continue to do so for as long as we can.

That said, some manufacturers have put up prices regardless of the VAT situation so we’ll have to adjust some of our pricing to keep up.


The Olive is the size of a normal CD player yet has a hard drive onboard that will store all your CDs, which you then access via the touchscreen (includes album artwork etc) whilst all those bulky CDs gather dust in your loft. Simple to use, remote control, 1000s of internet radio stations, ethernet connection to your router and great sound quality too. £899 in black or silver funky finish.

Upgrade to the Olive 4HD and you get bigger hard drive, better quality recording and wireless connection to your router. £2200.

More money than sense? Get the Olive 6HD for the ultimate Olive experience but be prepared to spend £4600 for the priviledge.

Want multi room use? The Olive 2 Player picks up all the music held on your main Olive and plays it through the amplifier/speakers in another room. Or 10 rooms for that matter. £699.

Queue here…

Olive 3HD Multi Room Hi-Fi Music Server

 Roth AudioMaybe you’ve heard of the Roth MC4 Music Coccoon? A valve amplifier/ipod dock for your desktop/small room system for reasonable money.

Did you know Roth also produce a range of tasty looking speakers too? Their OL range has been upgraded to the OLi range (no, we don’t think that means fuel injection either) in a range consisting of 5 models from £109 to £799. Check out the Roth range here

Roth Audio MC4 Music Cocoon Valve Amplifier/iPod DockRoth Audio OLi30 Floorstanding Loudspeakers

That’s all for this time. Look out for the next newsletter and get in touch if we can help with anything to take your hi-fi to another level.

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December 2010 Newsletter, feat. TEAC, Firestone and VAT News.

Hi All,Newsletter December 2010, posted here for completeness in January 2011!

Ho ho ho, it’s Xmas. You can almost hear Noddy Holder if you listen closely enough…well he’s bound to be singing it somewhere.

What’s new this festive season?

TEAC Reference 380 Series Offer

tyThis is what TEAC do very well – small boxes that look neat, have lots of toys included and sound very nice too. The Reference 380 Series is a 3 box package that should retail at £599. Comprises A-H380 amplifier, PD-H380 CD / USB player and T-H380DNT tuner in a high quality package at a reasonable price? Wow, I’m already interested…

However, whilst stocks last, we’re offering the whole thing for just £499 including FREE UK delivery! Time to treat yourself or someone close to you perhaps. Follow the link

Order Now – direct from our website

– first come first served so don’t hang about.

Firestone Spitfire MkII DAC Update

Orders for these DACS have shown we have many savvy customers out there. Take a £250 product that gets 5 stars, add USB input and reduce the price to £150 at the same time… brainer. Still available but be quick to avoid disappointment. After Xmas, we expect these to be at least £250.

We include the details again below…

Firestone Audio Spitfire DAC – Xmas offer!

You may already have seen this product get 5 stars in What Hi-Fi? magazine recently at the retail price of £250. Imagine how many stars it’s worth now that Firestone are doing a Xmas special price of £150 (saving £100!!!) and throwing in special Xmas wrapping too. Available in limited numbers so order now.

Order Now – direct from our website

VAT Update

Don’t forget that VAT increases in January 2011 to 20%. Buying now therefore will save you money as, much as we’d like to, we won’t be able to hold off increasing our prices forever.

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