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Audio Elevation on Facebook!

Look at us, all trendy and down with the kids.

We’ve never had a facebook page for Audio Elevation and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t, so now we have done one.  When you’re on Facebook, search “Audio Elevation” (yes, it’s not too original we know that) and, when you’ve found our page, just click “Like” in the same way as you would when your mates post an awful joke on fb.

That way, when we post something, you’ll be hearing about it immediately and it will relieve the boredom when you’re sitting on a train or having a conversation with somebody very boring (those are just examples – feel free to do other things too).

Ian tells me we’ll have special offers and that’s where you’ll find out about them.  That sounds like giving money away to me so it’s more likely you’ll hear about new products there, ex-dem items for sale or news of what’s happening in the world of Audio Elevation.

Stay tuned.


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November 2010 Newsletter Feat. Telos and Firestone


Hi All,

The busy season is approaching for us now. Here are just a few things to keep your eye on – for yourself, friends or family this Christmas.

Telos RCA Noise Stopper Caps

Not as silly as they seem! Simply plug into unused sockets on the back of your hi-fi or AV amplifier, cd player etc. and hear an immediate improvement in sound quality!

 We kid you not. £29.99 for a pack of 10 in gold plated finish. Also available in platinum for that extra bling factor and in XLR and speaker versions too.

Order Now – direct from our website


Firestone Audio Spitfire DAC – Xmas offer!

You may already have seen this product get 5 stars in What Hi-Fi? magazine recently at the retail price of £250. Imagine how many stars it’s worth now that Firestone are doing a Xmas special price of £150 (saving £100!!!) and throwing in special Xmas wrapping too. Available in limited numbers so pre-order now by going here.

Order Now – direct from our website


Call FREE on 0800 035 1620 to discuss this or any other requirements.

Best Regards

As ever, if there’s anything we can help with, just get in touch.

Darren & Ian
Audio Elevation


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At long last we have started to produce newsletters that are emailed to all our registered customers.   This should help cement the relationship we have with all of you and help us keep the tide of news and information flowing.  Prior to this time, it has been difficult getting news “out there” to you in large numbers.

How often will they go out from now on?  That depends on how busy things are and what we have to share with you.  We’ll try to get the balance right as nobody likes being bombarded (anyone registered with Super Fi will know all about this!) yet we all like to read an email that gets us buzzing about the possibilities for our hi-fi.

Topics will include anything that’s coming on special offer, tweaks we’ve found out about, new products added to our portfolio, maybe even suggested systems – who knows!

If you fancy hearing about something specific in these newsletters, let us know with a comment.

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Hello from Audio Elevation!

At last, we have a blog!  Now the tricky problem of filling it with useful information…

At Audio Elevation, we spend a lot of time on emails and calls and really get to know the customers we speak to.  That means they are the lucky ones that hear our news sooner, rather than later.  If there’s a new product or brand in the pipeline, you might have heard about it as a “by the way” comment but where does that leave those that we don’t speak to so often?

Hopefully, this is the answer.  With a bit of pen pushing, we intend to tell you here (all of you) about new products, new brands we’ve taken on, special offers and anything else we can think of.

Also, we hope you’ll get involved, comment, ask questions or suggest what you’d like to see here.

So, enjoy the ride with us.

Darren and Ian, Directors of Audio Elevation

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